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Preparing to Re-Roof


Having a new roof put on your property is a pretty big undertaking. It involves quite a bit of planning on the  

part of the contractor and may inconvenience you for a bit. Here are some probable occurrences 

that you can expect and what to do about it:

Traffic - If you're getting your roof torn off, there will most likely be a large dumpster, 

truck, or trailer in which to throw the old roofing.  All trucks will need access to the 

roof top in at least one accessible place usually the drive ways.  So all cars debris etc. 

must be cleared on days trucks will need access. There may possibly be several 

vehicles parked in front of your house and your neighbors' houses.


Debris Some debris from the roof that is being removed may fall into attic so any attic area that is not 

sheet rocked like some garages, It is recommended to cover up these items, or move them out of harms way. There will probably be a lot of debris on the ground. It is not uncommon for the old roofing materials to fall on top of flowers, shrubs, etc. If you have plants that you want protected you need to make an effort to point these out to the contractor or his foreman. Our if there in planters move them out of harms way.  

Noise, Noise, and Noise - During the entire process, you will experience varying levels of noise. The roofers will use tear off tools, shovels, wheelbarrows, brooms, etc., in order to get the substrate clean enough to install a new roof. The noise for the installation will vary according to the type of new roof you're getting. For shingles, wood, or any other type of roof that is mechanically-attached (nailed) to the deck, the noise may obviously be quite loud and possibly annoying. If you have somewhere else you can be during the reroof process, then it 

would be good idea to go there. Also keep in mind that most roofers like to start early and work late.

Broken Pictures, Etc. - There is a possibility for chandeliers, pictures, mirrors, and ceiling fans falling or 

moving during the project. It is strongly recommended that you ask the roofer if he thinks these items should be taken down while the roof work is being effected. If you have expensive mirrors or chandeliers, then it is strongly recommended that these be set gently on the floor until the project is complete. Many roofers will gladly take these items down for you rather than risk having to purchase a new ones.

Damaged Landscaping - Roofers have to have access to the roof for their equipment. There's no getting

around it. If there is no direct access by use of a driveway, then they'll have to come across the lawn. 

Most roofers will see this when they come out to look at the job and good roofers will inform the homeowner 

of methods they intend to use to protect your lawn from damage.  

Broken Sprinkler Heads - It's a good idea for property owners to mark their sprinkler heads with something 

so that the roofing contractor is aware of them. Even though the contractor will usually pay for damaged 

sprinklers, it will still inconvenience the owner of the property.


Weather - If  you're getting your roof torn off, it would be a good idea to have a few clear days with out 

any chance of rain. To check 5-7 day weather forecasts click on icons.



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1. Roof Removal

Most of the tear off crews we have been using for years. They have their own trucks. This eliminates having to have a dumpster in your driveway while your home is being re-roofed. They are good at what they do. Your grounds will be protected. At the end of the day your yard will be cleaned and a magnet will pick up any nails that may have found their way to the ground! 


2. Sheathing 

After shake roofs are removed there are spaced boards. If you are not going back with wood shakes the roof will need to be solid sheeted. We Solid sheet the roof with Oriental Strand Board "O.S.B." 

The OSB boards are 4' x 8' in size, to sheet a  typical size house it will take around 80 sheets. These will have to be delivered to the job site and we will need to have a place to sit them on the ground next to the roof Preferably in 2 or 3 different places around the house. So you the home owner will have to tell us or the delivery man where they can stack them around your house yet not in your way. 


We prefer O.S.B. board. The reason is that it holds up to the weather better --it is stronger---it will not make the noise that plywood does as you home goes threw temperature changes. 


3. Rolling Felt

After the house has been solid sheeted.  It is still not water tight.  We Felt the entire house to ensure that house will be water tight. Taking no chances in case of a sudden rain. We have the Felt, Flashings and OSB delivered at the same time making sure all materials needed to water tight the house are at the job site. Our Objective is Making sure that your house will be water tight 


4. Applying New Roof


Fiberglass Composition Shingles

We install most every type of dimensional shingle that they make. They are guaranteed from 20 years to lifetime. Many are made to look like wood shingles. They have the Presidential shingle that is very thick looking. The Celotx TL has the thickest look and will last a lifetime. We back the shingle warrantee with our own warrantee.


Fire Treated Shakes

Shakes have come a long way over the last ten years. The quality of the shakes and fire resistance have increased in a huge way. Wood shakes have proved themselves over the years. The have a quality rich look of their own that many have tried to imitate. They have real good insulating value. They are durable, easy to walk on. The fire scare of years past and the poor quality due to an overwhelming demand help to send shakes into a not popular mode for many years. Well, now they are popular again after so many of the alternative roofing systems have failed.


5. Seamless Gutters (Gutters would be installed after the house was felted and water tight or during)

Most roofs that were done 20 years ago had facial gutters put on. They were made of the same galvanized metal that the pipe flashing were made of. After 20 years they show signs of rust and leaking. The time to replace is when you are re-roofing. The old gutters have a lip that will get covered up with the new sheathing, making it very difficult to remove later on. Also taking of the gutter a few years down the road may cause damage to the roof and hurt the integrity of you new roof.

Moore Roofing has been using the same 3rd party gutter company for years. They provide the best seamless gutter out there. They come in two colors white and brown. A Seamless gutter machine custom makes your gutter right there at your home. You will never need to paint them again. Their smart design adds a classic look to your home and enhances your new roof. 

Refer to our Gutters page for a free Estimate Request on New seamless Gutters we can have installed on your house, with example pictures of what gutters look like.

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